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    Long range sprayer HA-4000EWS II

    HA-4000EWS II


    Items Unit Detail specifications
    Model HA-4000EWSII
    Manufacturer / Original Han’a-ss / South Korea
    Manufacturing year 2019
    Series Long-range sprinkler
    Overall dimensions (Lengt x Width x Height) mm 5,460 x 2,100 x 2,910
    Kerb weight (Empty chemical tank) kG 3,846
    Chemical tank capacity Litter 4,000
    Agitation device Stirring circulating fan in side the tank
    Option Auxiliary sprayer Engine Free engine
    Hose reel length m 100
    Operation method Manual control
    Blowing engine Model / Manufacturer D6AZ-G
    Type Diesel, water cooling, 6 cylinder, 4 stroke
    Horsepower (maximum) output Ps 300
    Fuel tank capacity Litter 220
    Lubricating oil API CC, CD-grade or above
    Lubricating oil capacity Litter 24
    Capacity of storage battery 24V (12Vx2), 120AH
    Sprayer Long range spray pump EA 01, three flanger pump
    Power kW 5,592
    Pressure Mpa 1 – 3 (Adjust by knob)
    Water volume 369 litter / min. at 500 rpm
    Short range spray pump EA 01, three flanger pump
    Power kW 7.5
    Pressure Mpa 3.5 – 6 (Adjust by knob)
    Water volume 99 litter / min. at 700 rpm
    Effective/ maximum spraying distance m 120 / 150
    Nozzle format Ceramic disc nozzle
    Nozzle lance 3 split nozzle lance
    Blower Format Mechanical agitation (propeller type)
    Method Axial-flow type
    Power transmission of blowing fan Single disc friction clutch
    Maximum wind direction m3/min 3,350
    Caliber of discharge port Ø(mm) 1,530
    Turning angle Left/right (˚) 330
    high/low (˚) 20
    Suction water pump Water supply L/min 1,000
    Operation method Wireless with connecting distance 100 m
    Manual operation (Levers control & wired extension)
    Application tree types Sugarcane, tea tree…
    Minimum payload of carrier vehicle Ton 8.0
    Manufacturer may renovate or change any spec. items without notice



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