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    Speed sprayer HA-1000SCA




    Items Unit Specification
    Model HA-1000 SCA II
    Manufacturer / Origin Han’a-ss / South Korea
    Manufacturing year 2019
    Serries SS (Speed sprayer – cabin type)
    Overall dimensions (Length x With x Height) mm 4,210 x 1,570 x 1,380
    Kerb weight kG 1,470
    Driving format Wheel type
    Chemical tank capacity Litter 1,000
    Agitation device Bypass filter (Jet)
    DRIVING SYSTEM Engine Model D4BB T/C
    Type Upright water chiller 4 xylinder diesel engine
    Horsepower ps 64 ps at engine revolution 2500 rpm
    Lubricanting oil API CC, over CD level
    Lubricanting oil capacity Litter 6
    Fuel tank capacity Litter 48
    Gear box Forward 5th gear, reverse 1st gear, trasfer case 2nd gear
    Steering Steering wheel
    Driving Clutch system Dry type, single disc friction type
    Brake system Service brake: Hydraulic disc type
    Parking brake: Sharing the same disc with service brake
    Driving speed km/h Min. – Max.: 1.6-19
    SPAYER SYSTEM Sprayer pump EA 01, Horizontal 3-throw plunger
    Pump output Litter/min 99
    Nozzle type Ceramic disc type
    Spraying method Axial flow spraying, both side
    Caliber of outlet φ(mm) 700
    Air volume m3/min 460
    Fan power transmission Single plate friction clutch
    Air flow distance m 12
    Operation method Equip joystick (Driver can use)
    Application tree types Special of fruit tree
    Manufacturer may renovate or change any spec. items without notice



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