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    Speed sprayer HA-1000WMS V

    HA-1000WMS V



    Items Unit Specification
    Model HA-1000WMS VI
    Manufacturer / Origin Han’a-ss / South Korea
    Manufacturing year 2019
    Serries Track SS Machine
    Overall dimensions (Length x With x Height) mm 3,870 x 1,390 x 1,330
    Kerb weight kG 1,390
    Driving format Wheel type
    Mechanical tank capacity L 1,000
    Agitation device Bypass filter (jet)
    Options Cargo body Load capacity kG 1,000
    Overall dimensions mm 3,340 x 1,380 x 1,220
    Auxiliary sprayer Hose reel length m 30
    Operation method Manual control, resource from outlet of water pump
    DRIVING SYSTEM Engine Model CH740
    Type Air cooling, 2-cylinder, 4-cycle, gasoline engine
    Horsepower 15.0 – 18.6 kW at engine revolution 3,000-3,600 rpm
    Max torque Nm 55.4
    Lubricanting oil SAE 10W-30, API SH, over SJ level
    Lubricanting oil capacity L 1.5
    Fuel tank capacity L 20
    Gearbox Forward 5th gear, reverse 1st gear, trasfer case 3nd gear
    Steering system Steering wheel
    Driving clutch system Dry type, single disc friction type
    Brake system Service brake: hydraulic disc type
    Parking brake: Sharing the same disc with service brake
    Driving speed km/h  Min. – Max.: 3.0 – 18.0
    SPRAYER SYSTEM Engine Model / manufacturer G4FC
    Type and specification Water-cooling 4 cylinder gasoline engine
    Horsepower kW 37 – 45 kW at revolution 3.600 – 5.000 rpm
    Max torque kG/m 14.5
    Lubricanting oil SAE 10W-30, API SH, over SJ level
    Lubricanting oil capacity L 3.3
    Fuel tank capacity L 30
    Spayer pump EA Horizontal 3-throw plunger
    Pump output L/min 99
    Nozzle Ceramic disc type
    Spraying method Axial flow spraying, both side
    Caliber of outlet Ø(mm) 710
    Air volume m2/min 588
    Power train type of blower Single plate friction clutch
    Air flow distance m 10
    Operation method Equip joystick (Driver can use)
    Application tree types Special of fruit tree, stand
    Manufacturer may renovate or change any spec. items without notice



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