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    Speed sprayer HA-500CM III

    HA-500CM III


    Specification items Unit Specification
    Model HA-500CM III
    Manufacturer / Origin Han’a-ss / South Korea
    Manufacturing year 2019
    Serries SS (Speed sprayer)
    Overall dimensions (Length x With x Height) mm 3,200 x 1,260 x 1,270
    Kerb weight kg 1090
    Driving format Crawler type
    Chemical tank capacity Litter 500
    Agitation device Bypass filter
    Options Cargo body Load capacity kG 500
    Overall dimensions mm 1,600 x 1,110 x 270
    Auxiliary sprayer Hose reel length m 30
    Operation method Manual control, resource from outlet of water pump
    Driving system Engine Engine type CH20S
    Type & size Air-cooled 2-cylinder 4-cycle, Gasoline engine
    Horsepower (min-max) Ps 15-20 kW at engine 3,000-3,600 rpm
    Maximum torque Nm 44.06
    Lubricanting oil SAE 10W-30, API Sh, Class than SJ
    Lubricanting oil capacity Litter 1.5
    Fuel of tank capacity Litter 15
    Gear box Forward 2th gear, backward in first, secondary shift gear in second
    Steering Steering lever
    Driving Clutch system Belt tension equation
    Brake system Mechanical (internal scalable)
    Driving speed km/h Min. – Max.: 1.5-6.7
    Sprayer system Engine Model / manufacturer G4FC
    Type and specification Water cooling 4 cylinder 4 stroke gasoline engine
    Horsepower 37 – 45 kW at revolution 3.600 – 5.000 rpm
    Max torque kG/m 14.5
    Lubricating oil Rated SAE 10W-30, API SJ, SL or higher
    Lubricating oil capacity Litter 3.3
    Fuel tank capacity Litter 30
    Sprayer pump EA Horizontal 3-throw plunger
    Pump output L/min 99
    Normal rotational speed of pump rpm 750
    Nozzle mm Ceramic disc nozzle
    Spraying method Axial flow spraying, both side
    Caliber of outlet mm Ø710
    Air volume m3/min 588
    Power train type of blower Single plate friction clutch type
    Air flow distance m 10
    Operation method Equip joystick (Driver can use)
    Application tree types Special of fruit tree
    Manufacturer may renovate or change any spec. items without notice



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